Sunday, August 05, 2007

Booty Ahoy!

Not only booty, but pirate booty. Woohoo! Who's going to say no to that? The world is my oyster. =) There are some perks to cleaning up after kids parties.

On the Saturday the Razzle had it's members night. It was pretty damn good fun. The free food and booze helped =). Yay! I definitely got my money's worth. I didn't win any prizes, but made off with a large packet of Tim Tams all the same.

I received telephone missives asking, nay, demanding the return of the loot. They threatened a team attack on my quarters, and still I stood firm. Sadly the friend I stole them from (Gay Uncle!) and one other (Inappropriate Woman) formed a boarding party, and taking advantage of my overindulgence of rum (well, bourbon, but you get the idea) raided my house later that night.

I stole them fair and square. There is no stealing back! Sneaktheives (to call them pirates would be to tarnish what it means to be a buccaneer). But that's OK. The game is on now. Stealing back what's been stolen back is allowable under the pirate code. =)


thewishfulwriter said...

first question: what is a tim tam? help us virginia folk out....

second...i love this post. because i love pirates. in fact, when my dog rosie lost her eye last year (she's fine), we came with all kinds of pirate jokes.


She doesn't bark. She baaarrrgghhs.

yeah. we're strange like that.

Taz said...

Glad Rosie's OK. =) Having a pirate dog is kind of cool. Does she keelhaul the mailman?