Monday, November 19, 2007

Losing to a Lesbian

Wow! I was checking out my sitemeter stats (see that little button right at the bottom of the page) and one of the referrals was a google search for that term. I'm quite proud to be one of only 5 hits - I would have thought it'd be more common. I mean look at the tennis =p.

That's enough about blogging. Blah, blogging on blogging - not cool! I've finally found something more evil than ebay though =O. That evil is Ikea. Wow! I just blew 500 bucks on stuff I didn't even realise I needed before I went - but it's safe to say I did need it, and now I have it. All I really went for was to get a couple of bedside lamps. Is anyone surprised I didn't end up getting them?

Well, now I have a good excuse to go back =D!


Anonymous said...

Hi Taz,

I, too, have a love-hate relationship with Ikea.

Thanks for mentioning Site Tracker. I didn't know that such a thing existed, but now I have it on my blog.


Amber said...

Hello, missing you. Write some more stuff.

Marty said...

Yeah, come on! Write some more, lazy bones.

~Deb said...

No more blogging for you? :(