Monday, March 17, 2008

I love vegetarian food...

It goes great with steak.

What has Tamsyn been up to that's soooooooooo important that she's neglected her "blog" I hear you ask. Well, nothing really. Though in my defence my laptop blowing up probably didn't help (OK, so really, it just stopped working, but explosive computers sound cooler). Though admittedly I could have done some updates.

I've also moved house a couple of times (don't ask). But just in case you're one of those (most) people who need to know when someone says don't ask, the first place was great - just too far from work. The next place was in a great spot, really close to work, but... not so great. Whoever said "don't look a gift horse in the mouth" was a fool. Sharing can be great, but just check you're compatible with the 'horse' first. =)

Current place is great so far, both me and Milli (my cat) love it. Housemate's pretty cool too, though I must admit to a small amount of jealousy - Milli loves her just a little bit toooo much. When your cat neglects you and goes to your new housemate for love it's a little bit sad. =(

Good news is this infernal heatwave is nearing it's end (a record 15 days straight above 35 - that's around about the 100 mark for those coming to us from non-metric using countries (heathens).

Well, that's it for now. I feel a bit of a whinge coming on (cue melodramatic music about everyone having "somebody to love" but me), so I'd best sign off now. I swore never to have that kind of blog.

As far as recipes are concerned I'll let you know how things go with my kangaroo mini-roasts. I also want to get my flatmates vegetarian recipe for the stuff that's in the fridge (it has sweet corn, peas, chick-peas, and some kind of seedy, mini-sprout looking things). I think it'd go well with my kangaroo mini-roasts =).


Anonymous said...

Hey, I cam across your blog through Marty's, who is married to Debbie, who I knew when she lived in Vancouver, Canada more than 20 years ago. You may need to draw a chart to figure that one out.
They have Ikea in Australia? Who knew. I was in Adelaide once, visiting Debbie, when she and Marty just started going out and before her 600 children popped out.
You should come to Vancouver: 1) it also has the Pacific Ocean 2) it's not as hot 3) we have a beach too, in fact, I live 2 minutes from it. It's kinda . . . dirty and cold but we have a great outdoor public pool on the beach for the summer. 4) I think we may have more lesbians. Well, they film the L-Word up here at any rate and we do have a whole lesbian "section" of town. I know because I go and stare. Ha. not.
Now update your blog more often so I can have something interesting to read. Marty doesn't update often enough.
- Karen

Marty said...

Hey Karen,

What have you been smoking?

"Marty doesn't update often enough."

Karen hasn't updated since December!

Happy Easter.