Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Thumpity alright. Bad thumpity. Taz went ice skating a couple of weekends back (and haven't written about it yet). One of the girls had her birthday, and decided to torture us all =D.

I managed not to fall on my arse, but it was a pretty near thing. All the kids had to go around me though, I couldn't dodge them. Damn teenagers! What are they doing at a skate rink on a Saturday night, they should be trying to get into clubs or something. I've never seen so many emos in one place. It was was kind of scary. I know I'm getting old now, I kept thinking they should pull up their pants =(.

Skating itself sort of sucked me in though. There were moments when I nearly had it... 'oh crap where's the nearest wall.' The most fun was when we did a conga line. There were about 20 of us, and nobody fell down - quite an achievement I think. I think I was very lucky to get out unscathed though, especially when the girl who was one of the best skaters of all of us got collected =S.

That said though I'm going to try roller skating this weekend. Wish me luck, I mean it can't be any worse, at least there aren't blades involved, right?

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