Sunday, June 15, 2008

*Cough!! Splutter*

Just at the tail end of a (another) cold. This time though I kicked it fast, thanks, I believe to the advice of one of my workmates. You know what I think all this time I've been 'treating' my colds I've actually been making them worse.

When I get a sore throat I normally suck lozenges but he said that the sugar just feeds the bacteria making the sore throat worse. So last time I got a scratchy throat I treated it with a salt water gargle before bed, and a couple of times when I woke during the night, and it's gone now, after just a couple of days. Go dad, you were right after all!

Honey and lemon is OK though if you need something a bit tastier, especially if the honey is unpasteurised (a natural antibiotic). Add hot (not boiling) water to honey (or vica versa) - just enough to dissolve it, then mix in the same amount of lemon juice. It's very good for sore throats. Adding ginger to boiling water and then adding the honey and lemon is meant to be even better but I haven't tried this yet.

I'm interested in hearing about others' remedys. What do you use when you have a cold?


Marty said...

Scotch on the rocks, minus the rocks.

MFL said...

Warm brandy with honey

But chic if you are getting frequent colds, you need to sort out your immunity

Healthy food and stress free living seems to work

Difficult with teenagers in the house though.


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