Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Cast!

A cast of thousands! Well, those that matter =p. Those I miss out will be back in other episodes =).First is Sue. Because he (yes he - read down) is cool and he's just had a baby boy (well, his wife did all the work =p). Sue is a born again Johnny Cash fan. Due to my poker playing prowess he owes me two songs. One of which will be A boy named Sue - god I love that song! Considering he's now got six kids Sue has kept his figure remarkably well. =p

Sue is married to one of the loveliest ladies I've ever met. She's cool too, with one of the grooviest tattoos I've ever seen - until it washed off =p. I'm going to call her Biker Chick because she's sweet on the outside and tough on the inside (that's how it goes isn't it?), and had a tattoo on her shoulder (albeit briefly). BC also owes me two songs, and both her and Sue are great singers. Woohoo! Her song will be these boots are made for walking. Should rock!

The last of the inaugural singing poker players club participants is Weasel Woman. Named more for her love of ferrets than her weasely ways (just one more beer...). The poker club plays for the right to humiliate each other rather than mere money. Which in WWs case is especially true due to the fact that her singing sucks chocolate balls (inside joke which I may or may not let the general public in on at some unspecified future date - oooh, suspense).

Her song will be Flagpole Sitta because it's the first Karaoke song she made me sing. You see WW loooooooves certain Karaoke songs. So she gets someone up to sing it with her and then switches her microphone off and lets them go. Weasel Woman indeed =p.

The final song will be a truet (sounds better than trio) with all three singers. Everyone will have to wait until the night to learn what the song's going to be (god, even more suspense, I can't stand it! =)).

Next to be introduced is Inappropriate Humour Man who you've all met before. He is smart, a good listener, and funny (in a way that promotes violence). He's also a terrible flirt, but mostly harmless =). I like hanging out with him. Even his kids are amusing (at a distance).

His wife I shall call plain old Inappropriate Woman, because it's not just her humour that's Inappropriate =p. She's a good friend though, and often gets to be the one that pours people home after a big night out.

I also hang out with Gay Uncle. Apart from the fact that we're both queer we don't really have that much in common. For example he's clean and neat while I'm a bit, meh, it's clean not dirty, you can get around with out tripping over, =) that'll do. He is beautiful, and is trying to convince me that I need to be more girly... o.O

Hehe! Good-luck. My mother's already tried that. I don't consider myself butch, but I really am more into jeans and shirts, etc, than skirts and make-up. There isn't enough make-up in the world to make me pretty =p. I just don't have the attitude.

The Gay Kids sometimes come around too, or I see them out or at his place. Gay Girl is the only other lesbian in town. A great looker! Pity we're not each others type really (she likes the pretty girls) and I can't help but see the kid that used to wear her hat backwards. Her best mate Gay Boy is gorgeous too. Hehe! I just realised they sound like a pair of super heroes. *voiceover* Where ever homophobia and bad dress sense are found it's Suuuuuuper Gay Kids to the rescue. "Holy pink pajamas Gay Girl. What are we to do?" =p

The Fellas are my workmates. You've been introduced to them before too. While there is another woman working with us now we're still all 'the fellas' as far as I'm concerned. They love to have a laugh, and work pretty hard, you know, considering we're (more or less) council workers =). Hey, someone has to hold the rakes up.

Apparently short, sharp, and shiny is best with blogs so I'll end this here.

To Be Continued =).

* A cast (pictured). Itchy, smelly, and awkward. But they keep you healthy. =)


Born Liar said...

Everyone should know someone called Weasel Woman.

Taz said...

I agree. What's your Weasel Woman like?