Saturday, July 21, 2007

We are Family!

To be honest I don't know that many gay people, but the ones I do know are generally legendary *waves* My mum, dad and two brothers are more legendary though (sorry guys, but they are =)).

Yay Mum! Short hair, classic style (more stylish than me, but at least I'm presentable now mum. In fact she dags out more than I do these days =p). Not at work, a TAFE lecturer. She loves all of us, even me, and I used to be a bit of a prickly pear too. Most importantly she's a nice person (Personally I think being a good person is the best thing you can do with your life - everything else is trimming really).

Mum knits. One of those funky middle aged knitters (God they're everywhere now - bring back the little old ladies with knitting needles I say, they're the best defence this country has =p). She makes socks! I have the best sock collection in the world! Check out out her blog for some of her funky knitting.

Dad rocks too. He's one of those mellow dudes that are everywhere, and really don't get enough credit, because it's blokes like this that make the world go round They're the ones that always say g'day and have a smile for everyone. Who just do their job, and live their life. He can't cook for beans but (well, maybe beans, but he'll feel the need to add carrots and peas and probably curry powder as well =p).

I have two brothers. Despite the fact that I was a bossy bitch of an older sister they speak to me. I still try to boss them sometimes. But they generally just ignore me =). Things never change =p.

Diving Bro is two years younger than me. He works as a diver for one of the fish farms down on the coast. He's just like dad. Always had been a hard worker with his head on straight. His girlfriend a Wholesome Girl (she doesn't even drink *shakes head in disgust*) is a secondary science teacher. She's OK even if mum and dad do love her more than us now =p. They're both disgustingly nice and well adjusted actually - but that's OK, the rest us (both families - hehe) make sure we give them hell for it.

Communist Bro (well, he's more of a socialist and anarchist really). What can I say. I love him to bits, and for a 20 year old opinionated little brat he can be pretty wise. His girlfriend, the Viking Barbarian is currently visiting. CB managed to charm her while he was in Finland on exchange. He managed to charm his way onto the exchange too. In fact I personally think he's missed his calling as a grifter. Though he's currently studying aquaculture at Uni he may give that up and follow my advice =p.

Since it took me so long to write this post about my family I'm going to write a second for my friends and acquaintances. Be afraid. Be very afraid. =)


BlackWyrm said...

Well, after reading this post, I find no reason to be afraid of the next one. In fact, I am waiting to read it :)

If you want to exchange links just let me know.

Best wishes,

Taz said...

=) Thanks dude, glad you liked it. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on your 'girls' blog. =p