Thursday, July 19, 2007

Razzle Dazzle!

Tonight's the night. Yes Thursday - which means only one thing here in Bush Town (because we're a town in the bush, not because we vote Bush, because - you know - we can't in Australia, though of course Howard's the next best thing. To Bush - you know the US president. He's nowhere near as good as... *clears throat* ...nevermind. I hang out with waaaaaaay too many IHMs =p).

It's Razzle night - yay! Now some readers may be thinking 'what the hell's a Razzle?' or 'who's Razzle?' or even 'who took Taz off her medication?' But those questions'd all be wrong (well, perhaps not the people who think I should be medicated for the benifit of mankind, you may be right =p).

For, ladies and gentlebeings, the Razzle is a place! The RSL is the Razzle to my frinds and I. Now you understand what I'm talking about (A club for the Returned Serviceman's League) you're probably still scratching your head.

Why would a funny little lesbian be excited about a night out in an RSL? Do they even let non-service people in there? Let alone lesbians? Some RSLs have meals and raffles in order to raise funds. For us it's on a Thursday night. The meals are good, the company is fine, and the beer is plentiful. Plus, I sometimes win stuff =).

I need to be cheered. So far my week's been a little crap (no details, I've decided this isn't going to be that kind of blog - it's meant as a pick-me-up, for me an readers (if and when I get any) =p. Good food does that, and good company. A couple of beers doesn't hurt. Tonight there shall be plenty of all this and more (hopefully the more is prizes).

* I don't know about other RSLs but ours is pretty all inclusive - probably due to the fact that beggers can't be choosers =p. Everyone's welcome to join as a member, and has been pretty welcoming to me and my gay mates. The RSL president's wife even flirts with me... o.O ...If you'd ever met her you too would run screaming for the hills. =)


Amber said...

Found a photo of another dyke in the bush.

Taz said...


Oh, how very droll. =p

Taz said...

For those that are wondering I didn't win anything. Had a good night though =).