Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I finally get it!

Blogging! And why so many people use their blogs to rant. It's very tempting right now to just spew forth about the things that are bugging me. But you know what, I'm not going to, because, lets face it, who'd want to read it?

Besides, life's actually pretty good right now, and dwelling on bad stuff (that's its technical name) would be pointless, and self defeating (god, it sounds like I swallowed a self-help book - onwards and upwards, lets follow the road less travelled, etc - actually I loved that book ('the road less travelled'), but I think that's because I tried to read it during schoolies week, and was totally toasted at the time. Read sober it's much less insightful.

It's great to be back at work (just had 2 weeks holidays - woohoo!). The last few days have been really good, the sun's been shining, the birds are singing (well, not really, but 'the crows are cawing' doesn't sound as upbeat really, in fact it sounds kind of creepy). Working with the fellas has been great.

That said though the lovely fellas aren't as funny as they think they are =(. One of the lads bought his 'Australian Joke Book' to work yesterday. Apparantly Aussie humour requires a whole chapter of chauvinist jokes =(. I'm not sure what this says about our culture, but I'm pretty certain it's not good. I even laughed at some of them *hangs head in shame* - but just because they were that bad, not coz they were funny, I swear! Do I have to hand back my lesbian membership card now? *puppy dog face*

Not to mention I couldn't think of a single joke to bring the blokes down? See, lesbians don't hate men. I certainly spend less time dissing the fellas than a lot of straight girls I know =). So now I'm educating myself and spending smoko googling for some sexist jokes to put them back into their place. Yeah! If I'm back soon you'll know I got sacked for sexual harassment =). Wish me luck!

PS Here are some jokes.
My favourite

Three men are out hiking, but their way is blocked by a raging river. The first prays 'dear lord, please give me the courage to cross this river.' He then jumps into the river and swims to the other side, arriving exhausted but safe. The second man prays 'lord, give me the strength to cross this river.' He spies a boat and also crosses the river safely. The third man prays 'lord, give me the intelligence to cross this river.' God turns him in to a woman, and she walks across the bridge.


Marty said...

Micky had that book at the RSL last Thursday night and some of the guys thought it was hilarious, but I just thought it was lame.

Taz said...

There were a couple of good jokes in there. It's just the ones the fellas were picking out that were lame =p.

I like my jokes much better =).

Amber said...

Hey you're missing an end bracket.

:) <- found it

Finally reading your blog... I had to sign up to post this too. Gah.