Thursday, July 12, 2007

So you promised food!?

Yes, yes I did. Just looking at my blog and realised it was missing something. That's right, food! When first conceptualising (if that wasn't a word before it damn well is now) this blog food was meant to be on the menu (badum-tish) . So far it isn't. Before the following post that is =).

My food for impressing friends and family right now is steak dianne. Sorry to all non-meatatarians, but this is my thing right now. I promise the next recipe will be for you!

I love food that looks and sounds impressive, but is butt easy (mmm, appetising) to make. An example... you know those 5 minute bread rolls you get at the supermarket? I brush them with olive oil and sprinkle them with dried herbs. Cook (for 5 minutes - sheesh, I would have thought you guys could work that one out =p), and serve with shared dipping bowls of olive oil and basalmic vinegar. Yum!

What about the steak dianne you say? The original recipe was taught to me by a bloke down the pub (not making that up). A couple of years later I modified it - by adding alcohol (red wine) of course. Mmmm, alcohol. Though sadly I think most of the alcohol boils off. But the thought's there, and the taste, and I even think it looks better, though that could just be because it looks more alcoholic.

First beat the steak with a blunt object, preferably one of those funky meat hammers, though I have substituted rolling pins, and other club-like objects at need. Rub garlic into one side (cheating is permissable - gotta love garlic in a jar), and cracked black peppercorns into the other. Sear on both sides, then cook until it's done the way your guests / you like it. Remove steak from pan and 'rest' on the plate (I'm not sure steak really needs to 'rest' - I mean it's me that's doing all the work here, right? But it sounds better than 'piss it off onto the plate so you can do the sauce.' At least I think so.

Dianne Sauce
Remove the pan from heat and add worcester sauce to the still hot pan and scrape off the burnt bits, do it again with about twice as much wine, then add about the same amount of cream. It should be a nice browny-pink colour. You'll need to experiment with this to get the right flavour - you might have noticed that I sort of make this up as I go along =).

Put sauce on the steak and serve with microwaved (oops sorry, steamed ;)) vegies or salad (I'll reveal the secret to my kickarse salad at some future date - ooh, the suspense). When they compliment on the meal resist the urge to tell them how easy it really was!

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