Saturday, July 14, 2007


Funnily enough when I told my fantastic 'women are better than men' jokes to the fellas they bombed!

Though the lesbian joke I told did OK. Not as well as the one from the joke book though =(. I still think mine's funnier, though it could be that I suck at telling jokes.

From the book: What did one lesbian frog say to the other lesbian frog?
We do taste like chicken.

Mine: Let me tell you a little story about two lesbians:

They were golfing and and they both hit their golf balls. One went to the left and the other to the right.

The first lesbian walked over to where she hit the ball and found that she'd hit it into a patch of buttercups. She continued to play golf and hit it out of the patch of buttercups. In doing so she also messed up the patch of buttercups.

A woman appeared out of nowhere and said, "I am Mother Nature, and you destroyed my buttercups. For punishment you will no longer be able to stand the taste of butter. In fact you will get very sick if you even have just a little taste." The woman disappeared just as quickly as she appeared.

A little shaken up she called to the other woman to ask "Where did your ball go?"
She said "It's over here in this patch of pussy willows."
"No! Don't hit that ball, whatever you do, don't hit that ball."

Hehe! Love that joke.

Though possibly the biggest laugh came the next day from my entirely innocent comment about loving fish and seafood. One of my co-workers just started laughing. Then the other guy did too. Cracking up, though I think that was possibly my (very slow, it took me a while to get it) reaction as well. =/ Bastards! (that's said with a grin and in love). It was funny.

I'm off to get fed at the local takeaway now. Yum! Nothing like grease after a big night out. A mate and I are starting a 'let's cut back on the drinking' pact next week, but I'm going to make the most of this hangover while I have it. It may be my last for some time. =)

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Amber said...

That joke is terrible! How'd that pact go by the way... :P