Sunday, July 15, 2007

I have a dream

I want to be a crazy cat lady!

I'm already on my way. I have one cat. she's definitely crazy. A little bit psycho even. No? Well, it's a start. Though I've got a feeling I may brush my hair a little often I think talking about your pet in a blog makes up for it. I'd prefer to be a crazy dog lady, but I think Cruella DeVill cornered that market years ago. Give me 40 or 50 years and a tea-cozy to wear on my head and I'll be the best damn cat lady the worlds ever seen.

Though to be honest I could never come at the food. Tuna would be OK, those little flavoured ones. A small tin of tomato and onion (I love homebrand best) on brown rice makes a great lunch, even kinda healthy. Add rocket and other greens to make it better (love those salad bags of greens at the supermarket).

Or give the healthy stuff to the cat and just go for the pizza! I make kickarse pizza - just ask anyone. Seafood, Tikka Masala (yes that's right, you heard me =p), Vego, Barbecue Chicken, even my Ham and Pineapple. All kickarse. For you see boys and girls, the secret's in the sauce - and don't we all love a little sauce ;~). But that's a tale for next time. For now enjoy your healthy rice and tuna, and I'll get back to you with pizza and salad on the side (so you can pretend to yourself that eating pizza is healthy afterall =p).


365 Days said...

Love your blog! Hillarious..

Taz said...

Thanks! I enjoyed your blog too. See, your suggestion to post comments on blogs worked. =)

Jaya said...

More cats. You must have MORE cats if you are remotely serious in your 'crazy cat lady' aspirations. All nine of my cats agree on this point.

Jaya said...
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Taz said...

Haha Jaya. I want more cats. But what if Mildred (my cat) teaches them all her evil ways.

AskALesbian said...

I like just having one cat. Two, while they are some company for each other, are three times the work. Too much litter to lug, too much poop to scoop.

We recently lost our last old cat. I'm for a new one but my girl is holding fast on the "no new pets" rule.

Found you on Bethany's Born Liar blog. I'm enjoying you.

Best regards!