Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bloody Breeders*

LMAO - well, at least he's trying. One of my workmates was attempting to pick a pile up with a fork yesterday. Didn't work too well "bloody poofta!" he shouts at it. Then he looks up at me "...homosexual." I couldn't help but laugh at him.

It took me a long time to realise, but just because people here use language like this doesn't mean they're homophobic. I mean the guys have actually been pretty supportive (well, it's just one more thing to give me shit (tease me) about anyway =)). Though sadly I seem to give them plenty of other opportunities.

*Breeders is a slang term that some gay people use to refer to straight people - I've only ever heard it used in fun, and hope that no one takes this remiss =).


Marty said...

Of course, some of us breed more than others.


thewishfulwriter said...


at our family reunion in july, all my teeny bopper cousins would say, "that's so gay!"

and then look at April and I really quick - apologetically.

i just laughed.

Taz said...

Hehe! So you do Martin. Go you good things =).

WW - it's a LOL moment isn't it. =) Way to teach those teeny boppers to think about what they say (if that's possible =))