Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ebay the evil!

I have just banned myself from ebay. Again. I think this is about the twentieth time I've done that. Doh! Obviously not working.

On the plus side I have a fantastic new table runner for my fantastic new (second hand) table. The fact that I spent more on the runner than on the table is immaterial. It matches my shabby-chic decor. It'll look great with the new cushions from the same seller. I'll take a photo to show you when they arrive =).

I was also looking at getting a couple more games for the dance mat - which I did. And then I got a singstar game (mistakenly thinking it came with the mics), so then I did have to get a game with the mics, and then I had to get singstar 80s. Yes, had to. My next purchase will be the Party version - because it has the song Faith by George Michael - and that song rocks =).

Luckily ebay doesn't have the game at the moment, and I really need to take a little time and let my bank balance replenish itself *sigh* When the games arrive I'll be having a PS2 party though. Gonna go off!


Davidlind said...

Nice runner. Very nice.

Lavonne said...

Good for people to know.