Thursday, August 16, 2007

Uncle Gay Uncle!

What a cheat! First it was the board games we had on Sunday, and now it's PS2 dancing. He just couldn't take losing at dancing. Especially not losing to a lesbian *crows* - I might not be a sexy shimmier, or do a lovely lambada, but I can kick arse at the dance mat.

The pic is proof. A - Me! D - The Loser! Hell, the reason it's so blurry is that he even cheated at that! He knocked me as I took the photo "you're not putting that on your blog." Hehe - I beg to differ.

PS I must say this was despite horrendous cheating on his part. He pushed and shoved, but despite his dirty tactics I excelled. Dance Mat contact sports, the way of the future =).

PPS He threatened physical violence if I didn't include this photo of him looking 'sexy.' =p


thewishfulwriter said...

ooohh! I LOVE the dance mat! April and I are anxious to get one....but we've held off for some reason. I keep arguing that it's good exercise and beats going to the gym any day!

Taz said...


There's even a fitness thing you can do which counts the calories you lose, which you can do every day. Plus you can do it with a beer in your hand - which gym allows that? =)

Check out ebay - I've just inspired myself to get some more games for the mat =).