Thursday, August 30, 2007

Inside Out Yiros

Mmmm, yeah! I love yiros, but in the back of beyond you can't get them (no the frozen ones from the supermarket do NOT count). Instead I make my own version with lamb chops. The salad is generally just lettuce and baby spinach leaves (I'd kill for tabouleh).

I make my own garlic mayo with good mayonnaise (the stuff made with eggs rather than chemicals) and some of that garlic in a jar (I told you I cheated when I cooked). I put that on top of the tossed salad, throw on the chops straight out of the pan and voila - simple, but believe me it's good. Even looks good if you're trying to impress ;-).


ψαροκασελα said...

that is one really interesting view of yiros
i am from greece and as a master in our national junk food i tell you that i m gonna try your nouvelle recipe

Strych said...

swap the mayo for natural yoghurt and ohh la laa.. oh and crush the garlic yaself - you'll be breathing garlic breath for days... umm maybe thats not why you like garlic...

thewishfulwriter said...

wow. i have a head ache just thinking about doing that much work. you go girl.

Taz said...

That much work WW? I'm one of the laziest cooks I know.

Strych - I'll give that a go =). It sounds delicious - and healthier too.

=) - Greece has the best junk-food going, except possibly Japan. I hope you like my bastardisation of the yiros =).