Friday, November 16, 2007

What a hottie!

Wow! Today was amazing. I was working outside and it was not at all enjoyable. The bath I had when I got home was though. I nearly went to the beach too (woohoo, I am now 1 minutes walk from the beach rather than 2 hours drive), but I think I'll save that for tomorrow after work. You see Saturday is actually my Friday - so it's not yet the end of the week for me =( - that said the overtime is about the only thing keeping my pay packet looking reasonable so I shouldn't complain... too much... meh, I'm sort of in a wingey mood so I think I'll leave all that drivel in.

I just had a nice dinner, and thought I'd let you know what it was so you can make it yourselves. I roasted some onion with golden syrup, and added it to a green leafy salad (rocket's ideal because of the strong flavours). I also cooked up a lamb chop and added some parmesan cheese to the salad and stirred it through with a little basalmic vinegar and olive oil. Yum!

Enjoy your days off tomorrow, while I slave over some hot plants. I'll laugh at you all on Monday =p

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