Saturday, August 11, 2007

Drink Blogging - It's Dangerous!

Today is Drink Blogging day! Woohoo!

Sounds like a fun idea. Thanks for the suggestion Vic. I'm not drunk yet, but give me time =). I'm a little hungover (or tired, not sure which) from last night. It was worth it though. Early in the night were chats and a few games of pool (where I barely saved my pants* - yes we all were relieved when I finally sunk a few balls).

After that Weasel Woman and I headed to the Sports Club for dinner (10 dollars for Barra - and it was gooooooood). I enjoyed myself, and even had a chance at the Joker draw. =( Sadly I did not pick the Joker, and so the 1800 plus dollars is not mine *cries*. Next time I hope, next time.

After that Karaoke came out. That was fun, I even got applause =S. We really are don't have enough singers. Though a group of tourists managed to liven up the show somewhat, which was fun. Jimmy, the karaoke king and kitchen hand extraordinare rocked, as usual. Very romantic, slow music, a few couples got up and danced. It was sweet =).

Karaoke got a little boring so I hitched a ride with some people to the Pub. I danced, but that ended up offending a three year old (as well my dancing might) who repeatedly pulled me off the dance floor and made me sit down. I'm sure he had my best interests at heart. =)

After that I sat outside and met a great bunch of guys. An Exploration crew, who I made talk about their jobs on a Friday night. Yes, I am evil! I mingled and chatted, and had a great night. I hope you all did too, and I plan to have another tonight and tell you all about it while still drunk. It won't be my first drunken blog - see if you can guess the other/s. =)

* For the none Aussie Rules Pool players out there if you are 'seven-balled' - don't sink a single ball during your game of pool you must drop your daks and run around the pool table. In some places women may flash their tits instead. I'd like to make the point now that neither of these were options even if I did lose. No need to scare the patrons like that =D.


Vic said...

Good luck with it mate!

Dane Wayen's location: said...

Hi Taz,

I just came over here from Becky's site after reading your you hate hate post in her shorts.

I just wanted to say I have the same sentiments as you.

It seems she can't let that thing go and she's pissed at some of her readers because she wants them to do something, god knows what, and that we better not guess wrong what that something is.

I hope she comes down from the mushrooms soon.



cc: Becky

Taz said...


I think she wants us to make a stand, especially bloggers. For example I should post something standing up to misogyny here.

I'm not adverse to that. Actually started writing a post a couple of weeks back, but I won't be putting anything up until things cool down.

She's a good person, and I know this stuff makes me angry too. That's the main reason I didn't post what I'd written. Because I didn't want it to be an angry reaction - I find that's not the best way to get my message across.

Hope you at least read a couple of my posts while you were here =p.