Thursday, August 09, 2007

I'm Famous!

I was just googling dykalicious and woo! the first few posts are my blog. I figured that was fair, since I made up the word. But it turns out I didn't - or at least I didn't do it first. Someone has even posted it to Urban Dictionary. I don't know whether to be sad or happy - so I'll be sappy instead. =)

This brings us to the subject of labels, something I've spent sometime thinking about. Now I'm not the most feminine of girlies. I don't wear make-up (urgh!) and am much more comfy in jeans and a t-shirt than a skirt. High-heels? Not gonna happen.

It's safe to say I'm not 'femme' or a 'lipstick lesbian.' BUT I don't consider myself butch either. I don't like the term 'soft butch' because I'm not soft - or butch, so how can I be both? The term butch, to me, seems to indicate a role as much as anything, and a certain masculinity and hardness that I just can't identify with. Androgynous doesn't fit either because that seems to denote a certain sexlessness that I'm not comfortable with.

I think, if I have to choose I'll go with 'chapstick lesbian' as coined by Ellen Degeneres. Because it's funny, casual, and cool. Like me =).

*Claims of funny, casual, and cool by this author are actually untrue. I'm going to go hang with my cat now, and eat her food because I can't be bothered cooking.

*Ah, that's right, it's the night for the razzle =). I don't have to cook. Yay!


thewishfulwriter said...

will you 'member us little people after the media starts following you 'round, ms. famous? :)

fun blog - as always!

Taz said...

Heh - you one of the little people? Your blog has way more readers than me.

I'm not actually famous. =( I was just impressed I got the first couple of google ranks for dykalicious. I'm pretty sure it's not a term people search very often though =) Doh!

Bethany said...

I'm with you on the label thing. I'm definitely not femme, but I'm not really butch either. And "soft butch" sounds like someone who's trying to be butch but can't pull it off.

I don't really care enough to try to fill any role. "Chapstick lesbian", huh? That works as well as anything else!

Taz said...

=) That's why I like it, it's not really anything.

I don't know why the gay community, especially lesbians, feel the need to self-label. I mean there are straight women who are anything from femme to pretty damn butch, and they don't feel the need to give themselves labels.